Banglar Dairy


Franchise Scheme of Banglar Dairy

Banglar Dairy, a fully owned company of the Government of West Bengal, invites individuals / business willing to open up Banglar Dairy outlets on a “franchisee-owned and franchisee-operated” model.

Under this scheme individuals can apply to become franchisee under two different models:

  1. Retail Outlets to be opened at prominent locations owned/rented by the applicant. APPLY NOW.
  2. Mobile Vending Units for door-to-door vending of milk and milk-products. APPLY NOW.


  1. The appointed franchisee (s) shall have their outlet at a prominent place at any approachable area, either in their own name or rented in their name. For mobile vending units, the applicant shall possess a motorised two-wheeler or bicycle.
  2. Shall have valid Trade License & other required Licenses.
  3. Initially a Provisional Franchise will be awarded for eleven months to review the performance.
  4. After the successful completion of the eleven months period the company reserves the right to place the Franchisee as a regular one and intimate the same in writing. In case of cancellation, the same will also be intimated in writing.
  5. The company reserves the right to accept or deny any application.
  6. As per the directives of FSSAI authority, under Govt. of India, an online application for FSSAI (‘license’ / ‘registration only’ depending upon the turnover) is to be made at, by the Applicant before issuance of the franchiseeship.
  7. Appointed Franchisee(s) will avail the retail FRANCHISEE margin fixed from time to time by the company. The margin varies from product to product.
  8. The Franchisee will be placing the order with BDL’s sales partners (Distributors / Local Area Distributors etc.). The sales partners will fulfil the orders and deliver the supply at the retail point.
  9. In case of sufficient order value, the franchise will be provided with an option to place orders directly to the company.
  10. The selected franchisee shall not sell milk and/or milk-based products of any other brands other than Banglar Dairy or its subsidiaries / franchise.
  11. Products will be supplied subject to the availability in stock on the specified date of supply in standard packaging only.
  12. All products are to be kept at recommended temperature levels set for each type of product or as instructed. Quality Control wing of the company will undertake random inspections in this regard. Non-compliance to quality control standards may lead to cancellation of the franchise.
  13. Registration Fees & Security Deposit: The selected franchisee shall have to deposit the registration fees, security deposits etc. as per Schedule-A.  Banglar Dairy will provide certain materials / equipment to the Franchisee against the security deposit. The details have been given in the schedule-A .
  14. The stock at the Franchise will be liable for inspection by the Authorized Representative (s) of the company as and when required.
  15. Product/Products once sold will not be taken back. Except otherwise certified by QA team as having quality issues from Manufacture end.
  16. Any rejection should be done at the time of delivery of the products and should be returned to the distributor.
  17. In case of any unfair means adopted by the Franchisee, his/her/their franchise may be terminated without showing any reason thereof.
  18. In respect of any dispute or any point arising out of the above, decision of the Managing Director, Banglar Dairy Ltd. will be final and binding upon the Franchisee.
  19. Disputes if any, may be resolved mutually, if not, it may be referred to sole arbitrator, the Chairman of the company or his nominated representative not below the rank of Deputy Secretary be the sole arbitrator for resolution of such disputes. The award of the arbitrator shall be binding on both the parties. The legal jurisdiction will be the Hon’ble High Court, Kolkata.


Retail Outlet Mobile Vending Unit
Refundable Fee
Security Deposit Amount Rs.10,000/- Rs.5,000/-
Mode of Payment Demand Draft in the name of ‘BANGLAR DAIRY LIMITED’ Demand Draft in the name of ‘BANGLAR DAIRY LIMITED’
Non-Refundable Fee
Fee Rs.35,000/- Rs.10,000/-
Materials / Equipment to be provided by Banglar Dairy Ltd. Visi Cooler ~ Rs.25,000/-

Signboard ~ Rs. 7,500/-

Menu Board ~ Rs.150/-

Handling Fee ~ Rs.2,350/-

Cool Box ~ Rs.7,500/-

Branding (sticker) ~ Rs.600/-

Menu Board ~ Rs.150/-

Handling Fee ~ Rs. 1,750/-

Mode of Payment Demand Draft in the name of ‘BANGLAR DAIRY LIMITED’ Demand Draft in the name of ‘BANGLAR DAIRY LIMITED’
Total Rs.45,000/- Rs.15,000/-

Note: All fees are tentative and inclusive of GST and other charges.




Applications may be received through the website only., through the link given below: